ANC On The Money: Building Emergency Fund

Last time I posted about why you should put up an emergency fund. see: Emergency Fund, Do I Need it? Do You Need it? Here’s a episode of ANC’s On The Money talking about Building Emergency Fund.  They emphasized the reason why you should build one and some tips how to build one. In my previous [...]

Emergency Fund, Do I Need it? Do You Need it?

In my previous post “Do You Control Your Cash?” I mentioned there that Bo Sanchez suggested in his talk “Control Your Cash” that everyone should save for an emergency fund . What is this emergency fund? Do I really need to save for it? Do you need it? How much should I put into this [...]

Do You Control Your Cash?

Do You Control Your Cash? I have just finished watching the video of Bo Sanchez’ teaching “Control Your Cash”. I believe it’s true that cause of the most financial promblems is people fail to control their cash. I too find it very hard to control my cash or cash flow 1. I, too, find it [...]

Keeping the Faith -A Reflection on History Channel’s The Bible

Keeping the Faith – A reflection on History Channel’s The Bible History Channel did a great job in producing the Bible, attracting millions of viewers, perhaps both the practicing Christians and the non-practicing ones… even perhaps non-Christians.

Always Look For the Sunlight The Lord Sends Into Your Days

Always Look For the Sunlight The Lord Sends Into Your Days -Hope Campbell

Have a Meaningful Holy Week With Sacred Space

It’s been a while since the last time I visited this space in the web. It’s that place online, the only one that I know of ever since, where in this time of social networking, you can be alone and reflect. It’s space online where you will not be bothered by comments and like requests, [...]

I Grabbed A Book After Lunch

I guess it was a blessing that I left my laptop in the office when I went home for lunch. After lunch, instead of sitting in front of my laptop updating my blog or checking my earnings on the two sites that I have joined, I made my self a cup of coffee then set [...]

Assessing my Financial Situation

I took the afternoon off. I was actually feeling my migraine creeping back again, perhaps it’s because of the heat. Thankfully, it did not develop to a full blown migraine attack. This afternoon, I had sometime to relax and add another entry for my Bubblews (which is now my other source of income). Also I [...]

Words to Ponder: On Leadership #1

The basis of leadership is courage. Courage is required when facing any challenge. To develop leadership, constantly put yourself in situations where your courage will be tested.   -Robert Kiyosaki

The Fishermen and the Carpenter

A reflection for the Gospel on February 10, 2013. Luke 5:1 – 11 1 While the people pressed upon him to hear the word of God, he was standing by the lake of Gennes’aret.2And he saw two boats by the lake; but the fishermen had gone out of them and were washing their nets.3Getting into one [...]