Truly God Provides!

Personal Finance

A week ago (3rd of October) was my due date for the monthly installment of my motorbike. I was a thousand Pesos short. I have actually set aside the needed amount when I received my salary on the 25th of September. However, forgot that on the 27th of September was the schedule for the immunization [...]

Standing On A Crossroad of Life

Standing on a cross road

1st of September, 2014. Again I’m standing on a crossroad of life.  The truth is I had been staring at this crossroad from afar, but now I have reached that point in time that I should stand on this crossroad and choose which way to go. The crossroad that I am particularly in right now [...]

My Goals for 2014


Ok, this is a very late post. I was thinking of posting this as my New Year’r Resolution for 2014. However, just like almost everyone else, New Year’s Resolutions always stays a Resolution and vanishes a few days, or weeks (well give it a month or two) and the list comes up again the next [...]

I Need to Get in Shape

The last time I had my blood pressure it read 120/80. My other blood chemistry also showed that everything is still within the limits. Which means technically I’m healthy. But evertyime I look at my self in the mirror, I see a different story. My problem is, my bulging waist line.

I Need to Spend More Time on What Matters Most

  It’s been a while since my last post. Not that I had nothing post, nor the time to make a post, in fact I had so many things in mind that I’d like to post and started to create some draft… problem was… or My problem was, I was distracted.

Don’t Be Afraid to Fail!

These words from one of the greatest (if not the greatest) basketball player ever lived simply sates that to failing is a big part of his success. If there’s one important point in his statement is he did not let his failures stop him from doing what he loves to do. Over nine thousand missed [...]

An Angel Went To Heaven

For more than eleven weeks a life grew in my wife’s womb, A life that we happily expected to grow to his fullness comes 25th of December- as the doctor told us. However, there was a complication. About two weeks ago, a mayoma was found growing in her ovary and the child’s heartbeat was weak. [...]

A Sly Disguise of Oppurtunity

 A sly of Disguise of Opportunity. That’s the title of the section in the first chapter of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich that caught my attention. If you haven’t read the book yet, here’s a short review of the first chapter. Edwin C. Barnes – virtually an unknown person before he went to Thomas [...]

How Can I Earn $1,000 A Month?

 In my last post, (, I did not mention the amount that I need to earn monthly for me to be able to pay my debts. That amount is about $1,000.00. That’s a little less than four times the amount I’m earning from my employment now. Here’s a breakdown of my income Employment : $300.00 [...]

Assessing my Financial Situation

I took the afternoon off. I was actually feeling my migraine creeping back again, perhaps it’s because of the heat. Thankfully, it did not develop to a full blown migraine attack. This afternoon, I had sometime to relax and add another entry for my Bubblews (which is now my other source of income). Also I [...]