Truly God Provides!

Personal Finance

A week ago (3rd of October) was my due date for the monthly installment of my motorbike. I was a thousand Pesos short. I have actually set aside the needed amount when I received my salary on the 25th of September. However, forgot that on the 27th of September was the schedule for the immunization [...]

Standing On A Crossroad of Life

Standing on a cross road

1st of September, 2014. Again I’m standing on a crossroad of life.  The truth is I had been staring at this crossroad from afar, but now I have reached that point in time that I should stand on this crossroad and choose which way to go. The crossroad that I am particularly in right now [...]


My Health Goals for 2014 Not that I’m not healthy, in fact when I had my blood chemistry checked less than a year ago, everything is still normal. My shape, however – and I do mean it literally – is not so good. To be honest, my waist line is a few inches bigger than [...]

My Goals for 2014


Ok, this is a very late post. I was thinking of posting this as my New Year’r Resolution for 2014. However, just like almost everyone else, New Year’s Resolutions always stays a Resolution and vanishes a few days, or weeks (well give it a month or two) and the list comes up again the next [...]

Polka Dots or the Cross


As we welcome 2014 (and every new year), many believed that by wearing clothes with polka dots and have coins in their pockets would bring “luck”. Even Christians would do so – some would say there’s nothing to lose in believing such. Here’s my question (specially for the Christians of any denomination), which one do [...]

Looking Back at 2013


The year 2013 is about to end. This year, the Philippines had a series of “Unfortunate Events”. A 7.2 magnitude Earthquake that devastated the Island of Bohol, war that broke out in Zamboanga City, and the Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that wrecked havoc on the province of Leyte, and other parts of the Visayan Region, [...]

Dawn Mass- A Month After Yolanda

December 16 marks the start of the Dawn Mass- a Catholic Tradition related to the coming celebration of the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. Attending the Masses is meant to show devotion to God and heightened anticipation for Christ’s birth

An Irresponsible Prank

On the 1st of December of 2013 a couple of hours before midnight, hundreds of people or a thousand even from the coastal villages of Roxas City (Philippines) and on some other coastal municipalities left their homes in fear of an impending tsunami. (Read It turned out that the fear of a tsunami hitting [...]

Tsunami Scare

Roxas City, Capiz- It was around 10:30 PM. I barely had fallen asleep when I was awaken by the noise of a very unusual heavy flow of vehicles passing and the voices of people outside my house. This is usually a very quiet neighborhood, especially at night so I got curious. I peeked on my bedroom [...]

Fire After the Storm

Just over a week after the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) wrecked havoc on Roxas City and other places in the Visayas Region (Philippines), At least four separate fire incidents broke loose in two consecutive nights. Two of those fire consumed a total of eight houses and one fatality was reported. With electric power still out [...]