Standing On A Crossroad of Life

Standing on a cross road

1st of September, 2014. Again I’m standing on a crossroad of life.  The truth is I had been staring at this crossroad from afar, but now I have reached that point in time that I should stand on this crossroad and choose which way to go.

The crossroad that I am particularly in right now is related to my financial life, which involves my current job.

Standing on a cross road

Which way to go

My financial State

I’m earning just a little bit more than the average employee here in our city. I know I could earn more but I was contented.
Although I am deeply in debt due to the failed business venture with my brothers.

A Growing Reason

The birth of my son gave me a new  good  reason that I need to earn more than twice I’m earning now (read: My Emotional Why).

Right now, my income is barely enough to provide for the needs of my baby. And I have just recently spent the little savings I had when we have admit him into the hospital due to pneumonia. He’s fine right now but, he’s growing fast and of course that means his needs grows as well.

My Options

I have at least four options for now. These are:

  1. Keep my current job, work harder and that I would get another raise soon.
  2. Quit my job and try to get a job at the Provincial Capitol since I have passed the civil service exam.
  3. Try to get a job on a bigger IT company in Manila – with a the help of a friend there.
  4. Start a new IT business and get clients both offline and online.
  5. Work abroad.

These are my major options for now.  The next thing I need to do next is to weigh the pros and cons of each option. While I’m doing that, comments and advices are most welcome.

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