My Emotional Why

My First Born Iesu Mari

“He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how.” – Friedrich NietzscheView Post

In other words he who has got a reason to live,  he could find ways
and means to win in life. Life will always throw all sorts of problems and obstacles to everyone. But those who finds true reason(s) to live – and not just exist – will always find ways to overcome those obstacles.

My First Born Iesu Mari

He is my reason why I need to greatly increase my life goals specially my financial goals

In one of the teachings of Bo Sanchez, he said one of the secrets of success of the truly rich is to find your emotional why.  Indeed, having the reason or reasons would have you think to set a direction or goals for your life and even get you started in achieving that goal. A reason driven by emotion – the emotional why  – however, is like driving towards achieving your goal on super turbo charged race car!  So having an em

otional why not only will set your life towards having a truly successful life, but you will be equiped with the best vehicle and other toolsthat you need to achieve your goal most effectively. Even better, with the right .emotional why you might even set your sight on a mucher better goal.Eight days ago, July 28, 2014, my second why to live was born. My first born son Iesu Mari ( Iesu – taken from the Jewish version of the name Jesus and Mari – or Mary. There’s a short story to tell… On my future posts)

.He is my reason why I need to “upgrade” my goals in life, specially my financial goals. First thing that I need to do is to list down (again) my new and higher goals.




I mentioned that the baby is my “second” emotional why.  The picture below shows the two

My two emotional whys

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