I Received the Abundance Formula


I received the package on the second week of December, 2013. When I opened it, I was surprised to see that it was a book titled “The Abundance Formula” By Bo Sanchez! How much did I pay for it? Zero! I received it as a gift from Bo… well not that Bo Sanchez knows me, but because I joined his Truly Rich Club a few months ago.

What’s in this book?

Well this book, contains a surprisingly simple formula how to get truly rich. The book is divided into four sections.

First the author (Bo Sanchez), explains why you should earn as much as you could and also explains why earning money is not evil.

Second, he explains why you should give tithes regularly and the benefits you would earn by doing so. He also explains how much you should give.

Next, he explains the whys and hows in investing for the future.

Last but surely not the least, explains how you should live with the remainder of your income.

One thing I love about this book (along with the other books of Bo Sanchez) is, it teaches you to develop the right reason and philosophy of how to be truly rich, with out being greedy.


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