My Health Goals for 2014

Not that I’m not healthy, in fact when I had my blood chemistry checked less than a year ago, everything is still normal. My shape, however – and I do mean it literally – is not so good. To be honest, my waist line is a few inches bigger than my chest. It can’t be beer belly since I rarely drink beer (or any kind of alcoholic beverages).

Before I list down my health goals for 2014, here are some facts about my health.

Blood pressure has always been 120/80.
Cholesterol, blood sugar, and other blood chemistry appeared normal on my last checkup about 6 months ago.
My big problem though is my waist line, which is currently measures 37 inches.

I don’t smoke, rarely drink alcoholic beverages. I always eat vegetables. However, I do love to eat pork, and drink sodas almost every day. I hardly exercise these days.

My Health Goals.

My health goals for 2014 are:
1. Maintain my good blood chemistry.
2. Reduce my waist line from 37 inches to 30 inches within three months.

How do to reach my goals

To be healthy and to remain healthy means I need to make some changes on my lifestyle.

1. I have to spend some time exercising in the morning. The 8 minute Tae Bo video work out had always given me a good sweat. I’ll start doing that again.

2. I’ll eat less fatty food (pork skin and fat and chicken skin) and eat more fruits, vegetables and fish. For starters, I’ll start again taking my fruits and oatmeal smoothies for breakfast.

3. Drink more water everyday. Two tall glasses after I wake up in the morning, then a liter more fore the rest of the day in the next seven days and gradually increase it to two or more within a month.

That’s it. These are my health goals for this year. How about you? What are your health goals?



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