Looking Back at 2013


The year 2013 is about to end. This year, the Philippines had a series of “Unfortunate Events”. A 7.2 magnitude Earthquake that devastated the Island of Bohol, war that broke out in Zamboanga City, and the Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) that wrecked havoc on the province of Leyte, and other parts of the Visayan Region, including the City of Roxas where I live.

On a personal level, I too had a number of unfortunate events.However, I’d to like to focus on the blessings despite these unfortunate events. Looking back on 2013 here are the things that had affected my life the most.

A Blessing and a Tragedy.
It was April that was confirmed that my wife was pregnant. But in June, our joyful expectation turned into a sorrowful part of our lives when on the third month of her pregnancy, the doctor was not able to hear our child’s heartbeat in her womb. My wife had to go through a procedure to remove the remains of the fetus from her womb. The baby was supposed to come out three days ago, the 27th of December.

Aside from the great sadness that we felt, the procedure required some amount that we did not have. We had to borrow some money for it.

The Blessinsg that came with and after it.

My wife and I agreed that it was God’s way, and it was better for both of us and the child that he was not born, considering the conditions of her pregnancy (two mayomas that grew larger than the child made the complications). The good news was both of us are able to procreate. In fact there is on blessingcame after that tragic even. My wife -at the time of writing- is 10 weeks pregnant

Another blessing that followed is, I got a raise on my work.

Also More than that, I grew more motivated to change my financial psychology. I was always contented with what I have been receiving, not anymore, I have to think of the future. Thus I’ve been studying by reading watching videos that teaches me how manage my income very well and make it grow (without giving in to greed)

Super Typhoon Yolanda.

Though there were many more tragic events that hit the Philippines like, floods in Luzon, the 7.2 Magnitude earthquake that devastated Bohol,the war that broke out between the Muslim rebels and the military in Zamboanga City, it was the super typhoon Yolanda that hit Roxas City and thus had affected my life.

It was the strongest typhoon that hit the country. Many have lost their homes and worse some have lost their lives. When the typhoon hit, I saw how the strong winds strip the GI sheets from the houses. Trees and electrical posts have fallen almost everywhere. Leaving the city wityhout electricity for over a month. In fact some places in the city and other towns have no electricity yet.

Perhaps one thing that I am thankful for when Yolanda hit the city of Roxas is, my house was not damaged heavily. Often I have told those who have asked me, that perhaps I’m the only person who was thankful that the 20 year old mango tree fell on my house. What I’m really thankful was (and I believed it was God’s work) how the mango tree and three coconut trees fell. It would seem that when they fell they avoided hitting the house. The mango tree could have easily fallen directly over the living room and could have taken the whole roof down. Instead, it fell on to one corner of the house, where the post was strong enough to break its fall. Yes, it destroyed the roof above my porch, but in effect it held the rest of the roof on it’s place, including the roof on my garage which was already starting to give.

The three coconut trees that fell, which were very close to the house fell on almostopposite directions avoiding the house. Note, two of the trees were on the east side and the other on the west side. The one on the west side fell westw ard too. The two on the east, fell southward hitting only the roof gutter.

One coconut tree, however, the one that I feared it would fall directly to one of the rooms or the living room, did not fall at all. I was amazed because even before the storm, it was already leaning towards to house. The way I see it, miracles do happen.

So looking back at 2013, despite the numerous unfortunate (even tragic) events that happened, I see blessings after each one of them.

Have a happy and fruitful new year.

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