Dawn Mass- A Month After Yolanda

December 16 marks the start of the Dawn Mass- a Catholic Tradition related to the coming celebration of the birth of Jesus on Christmas Day. Attending the Masses is meant to show devotion to God and heightened anticipation for Christ’s birth

But for  the places , like Roxas City, ravaged by the super typhoon Yolanda exactly 38 days ago, leaving some churches either partially damaged or completely destroyed, will people still continue to uphold the tradition? From what I have seen this morning, people flocked the different Churches to do so.

As I passed by the Roxas City Cathedral this morning, it was over flowing with church goers, with people staying as far as the other side of the plaza… (though I don’t think they can hear the mass from that distance). I also went to see the mission church near our place, which was completely destroyed by the typhoon, the dawn mass was being held on a small concrete chapel near it.

What was clear to me this morning is, no earthquake, no super typhoon as long as Filipinos are breathing, they will continue to practice their faith and uphold their traditions


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