Fire After the Storm

Just over a week after the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) wrecked havoc on Roxas City and other places in the Visayas Region (Philippines), At least four separate fire incidents broke loose in two consecutive nights. Two of those fire consumed a total of eight houses and one fatality was reported.

With electric power still out after the super typhoon destroyed numerous electrical posts, residents resorted to use generators and other means to have light in their homes at nights. Using generators and candles and gas fueled lamps though always comes with the threat of fire.

The fire incident that happened last Tuesday was caused by a faulty generator or mishandling of it. Rumors said the owner refilled the generator with gas while it was running. According the the radio report though the owner claimed that gas leaked from the generator and somehow the generator stopped working and restarted and caused a spark on the electrical wiring which caught the leaking gasoline.

The second fire which consumed seven houses is another story… (or stories). One version says, a student, renting a room from one of the houses left a candle burning while he/she went out to buy some bread from a nearby store. The candle, they say, could have started the fire.

Another version is, a kid was left playing with a candle and accidentally toppled the candle which caused the fire.

A darker version of the story is, in the house where the fire started was allegedly, were seen taking out some of their things from the house earlier that day. When the fire started, they were even able to evacuate their mattress, while the others were caught really unprepared.

It was said by one of family members of that fire that those people were being evicted from that house even before the typhoon ravaged the city of Roxas.


What's left of the houses consumed by fire

Was the fire was caused by an accident or intentional?












spared from the fire

This house was fortunate enough to be spared from the fire which consumed the other houses



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