After the Super Typhoon Haiyan

Wrecked by Super Typhoon Haiyan







Haiyan wrecked havoc on her path with her more than 250 KM/hour wind. Houses were either left roofless or totally destroyed. For the first time in my life I saw how such a storm would strip the GI sheet roofings from the trusses and send them flying hundreds of meters away. I saw the street post with lamps on either side wiggle, as if a giant is holding both lamps and twist it from side to side trying to pull out the street post from the ground.

Now, more than a week after, people here in Roxas City, lived mostly in darkness. Those who can afford bought generators for their homes. I supposed we are still blessed that the water supply was not cut off. Though a few days after the storm hundreds of people lined up to buy purified water. At night, the city and rest of the province lies in darkness. With little light coming from few houses powered by generators.

Relief goods seemed to come sparingly. Sadly, stories of politicians selects the areas where to give relief goods are heard from almost everywhere. One particular story that I’ve heard is, the truck that carried the relief goods is already on the affected baranggay or village, when the mayor of that town called them back for the reason that they are “not affected”. Although it was clear that many of the houses there were torn down by the typhoon. On the other hand several large companies did their own relief operations, and they give directly to the people affected.

Though many houses were wrecked by the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). The people of Capiz still have reasons to be thankful. The number of lives lost in Capiz by the strongest typhoon in the history, is considerably low.

I pray though for the areas that was affected much worse by the supertyphoon, such as Tacloban and other places in Leyte.



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