I Need to Spend More Time on What Matters Most


need to manage my time more effectively

It’s been a while since my last post. Not that I had nothing post, nor the time to make a post, in fact I had so many things in mind that
I’d like to post and started to create some draft… problem was… or My problem was, I was distracted.

First I was enticed to post my blogs on a pay-for-content site. I got paid once (at least $25.00) but after that nothing. I might as well get my posts from that site and upload it here or to my other blog, wherever they would fit.

The biggest distraction however, is the social network game, Avengers Alliance on Facebook. Perhaps my love for comic books got me hook into this game.

Then again, I know that I must spend much more time on things that matters most. And those things that I need to spend more time to are:

  1. More quality time with my wife.
  2. Chat and mingle with peers and friends.
  3. Online activities that would earn me extra income.
  4. Focus more on my work
  5. Spend more time to maintain if not improve my health
  6. Keep on reading and studying.. Reading is simply one of my passions

Here’s a fitting quote from Zig Ziglar.

Quote from Zig Ziglar

Don’t count the things that you do. do the things that count- Zig Ziglar


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