I Need to Get in Shape

The last time I had my blood pressure it read 120/80. My other blood chemistry also showed that everything is still within the limits. Which means technically I’m healthy. But evertyime I look at my self in the mirror, I see a different story. My problem is, my bulging waist line.

For my short frame, my waist line reached 38 inches. That was about three weeks ago. Today it measured only 37 1/4 inches or 95.5 cm. I never knew that the slight change on my eating habit could give this result this fast.

I was amazed because I don’t do any strenuous exercises, nor made a major change on my diet. What I did since three weeks ago was I made a slight change on my eating habbit, specially during breakfast.

My typical breakfast before was rice and some processed meat like ham, sausages, or something like that, I love it if it comes with fried egg. Three weeks ago I started to take oatmeal with a piece of large banana blended together(see my breakfast recipe: http://www.redgage.com/?rf=/blogs/tekbytes/a-high-fibre-breakfast-drink.html)

I do this at least four times a week. I suppose the high fiber on this mixture did help me shed off a quarter an inch a week.

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