7 days after the Quake

Loboc Church after the October 15, 2013 earthquake

Centuries old churches crumbled after the 7,2 magnitude earthquake

Centuries old churches crumbled, roads destroyed. bridges collapsed, thousand lost their homes, more than a hundred lost their lives, scores more missing. This is what happened to Bohol, Cebu and neighboring provinces – an island province in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines- as a result of 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15, 2013. Exactly seven days ago.

Seven days have passed yet those who survived this devastating ordeal continue to suffer. May are still afraid to return to their homes because strong aftershocks still shakes the land day after day. A 5.2 magnitude was recorded yesterday.

To date, many villages are still isolated because the roads were rendered impassable. Thus, for seven days, many had no access to electricity and more importantly clean water. For seven days, very few of these isolated villages have received relief goods. For these people, even a bottled water would more valuable than gold to them these days.

Calls for Help

Since the villages cannot be access by road, villagers painted the word HELP (in one way or another) on the road, on the fields and anywhere else than can bee seen from the air. Indeed help is badly needed.

What they need.

Primarily, they need clean water for drinking and ready to eat food

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