Would You Sacrifice Your Health To Earn Money?

Would You Sacrifice Your Health To Earn Money?

Before I start with my actual blog, I just would like to note that I have not planned to post this one until a few hours ago. The question “Would you sacrifice your health for money?” never came into my mind until now.

A former staff of mine showed up in the office late this afternoon for a part time job our company offered to him. When I saw him, he had lost so much weight and oviously not on a healthy manner.

We chatted along with a couple of my staff whom he also knew. He shared to us what happened.

This guy, whom I will hide under the name Butch, used to work as our computer/network technician during the day. At night he also works for another 8 hours as a Virtual Assistant (VA). I don’t know how long has he had been doing it, but I supposed it was for years. True he earned so much over time, but with such lifestyle that deprives him of the much needed sleep, plus the drinking vices evidently caught up. He got sick. Really sick, that he lost maybe not less than 15 pounds!

I think there are other Butches out there who, with their desire to earn so much money, would stay awake for 18 to 20 hours (or more). They do this not just for a few days or weeks but for months or even for years. Then most of them, in order to “relax” they drink a few or more bottles of beer. Of course, here in the Philippines, when people drink it always comes with “pulutan” or food that they eat while drinking and this food is usually composed of peanuts, grilled fish, grilled pork chop, roasted pork, fried pork, etc.. . (just imagine what these food will do to your liver).

Indeed this lifestyle if kept unchecked would take its toll on one’s health like what happened to Butch. He’s still quite lucky though (if I believe in luck) that his illness (what they were) were detected a bit early, if not, he could have continued his lifestyle and he could have done more damage to his health.

Sad thing is, all his earnings were sucked by his medications.

I believe to earn more money is not bad. But to sacrifice sleep, you are depriving your body the much needed rest and recuperate. It’s true in Butch’s case, his drinking vice makes things complicated, but even perhaps with the vices but he had enough rest, his body could have fought the disease a little better.

Butch is at least five years younger that I am, but I’ve never had the illness he have one right now.

Live long and prosper!

Mr. Spock

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