Why Talk About Money ?

Why Talk About Money On This Blog?

Thanks (again) for visiting my page. My previous posts has been focused on money, how to save, what to do with it. It doesn’t seem to fit the title of this blog “Reflections In Time”. The title and the domain name (reflectionsby.me.pn) maybe suggests that you will read something spiritual, religious or something like that, instead you read something about money.

Should you reflect about money?

Perhaps the following questions would help answer that question.

  • Do you always borrow money from a person, a lending company, or a bank?
  • Do you always spend more than what you earn?
  • Have you set aside some money for emergency use?
  • Your salary is higher than the average earners but still it seems not enough?
  • Do you fight with your spouse about money?
  • Do you think money evil?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then you have a reason or reasons to reflect about money. When I was younger, I never bothered to think about these questions. I did not bother to save for my future. I shunned the salesmen who tries to sell me insurance. I thought receiving a salary monthly is enough. Being a Christian, a Catholic, I believed that whatever I need will be provided for by God.

Indeed, for quite sometime I’ve had more than enough experience that God truly provides. Whenever I got short of cash, I always get a chance to get earn some. What I do about it when I recieve it though is another story.

Then as years gone by, things seems to have changed. Money seems to have become hard to earn. My financial situation, along with my family, seems to become worse and worse year after year. Has God stopped being a provider?

As I kept on reflecting and studying about money, I realized my financial situation is giving me a lesson. It is still true that God is a provider, but just as a child’s body and mind grow, I too must grow spiritually. Part of that spiritual growth is to learn how to manage the things , or the gifts, that God provides.

So to answer the question “Why talk about money on this blog?”. Writing about it makes it clearer to me what God is trying to teach me. As I learned, I wanted to share to you the lessons that I have learned.

So my next posts, I will try to answer the questions listed above, and perhaps something more.

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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