Keeping the Faith -A Reflection on History Channel’s The Bible

Keeping the Faith – A reflection on History Channel’s The Bible

History Channel did a great job in producing the Bible, attracting millions of viewers, perhaps both the practicing Christians and the non-practicing ones… even perhaps non-Christians.

The different stories presented in these episodes(see: have one common theme… Keeping the faith!Noah’s faith in God, when he was told, to build an ark,and bring two of each kind of animals with him. Faith, that in the middle of the storm and flood that they will soon see land again. Abraham’s faith in an invisible god, who promised him, that he will have a son by his wife Sarah, who was barren. Faith, that he will have descendants as numerous as the stars when he has none at the time. Faith, that he and his people will be led to a land flowing with milk and honey. Finally, Abraham’s faith was put to ultimate test when God asked him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. In the end, after he has proven his faith, God stopped him from taking the life of Isaac and provided a sacrificial lamb.

Moses on the other hand never knew the God of the Israelites, until he was told by his adopted Egyptian mother. However, when God appeared to him on the burning bush, he had the faith to deliver God’s message to the Pharaoh and deliver his people from slavery. Faith, that he was able to perform the tasks that God gave him. Faith, that he was able to lead the Israelites on a journey through the desert for forty days. Faith, that he was able to part the Red Sea so his people can cross through it safely.

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