How Can I Earn $1,000 A Month?

 In my last post, (, I did not mention the amount that I need to earn monthly for me to be able to pay my debts. That amount is about $1,000.00. That’s a little less than four times the amount I’m earning from my employment now.

Here’s a breakdown of my income

Employment : $300.00 - (I converted it to US dollars, but since conversion rate changes from time to time, the amount is a close approximate.)

I have two sources of additional income online. Redgage and Bubblews.

From Redgage: currently I get about $100.00 a month and I know I can still improve this.

I joined Bubblews just a month ago and I earned my first $25.00 within two weeks. A week after that I got $40.00, though there seems to be a problem on my second redemption.

If I can make $150.00 each from Redgage and Bubblews. that’s an additional $300.00. That makes my total monthly income of $600.00. That means I have to find a way how to earn the remaining $400.00. That is without sacrificing my quality time with my family.

Any ideas?



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