Have a Meaningful Holy Week With Sacred Space

It’s been a while since the last time I visited this space in the web. It’s that place online, the only one that I know of ever since, where in this time of social networking, you can be alone and reflect. It’s space online where you will not be bothered by comments and like requests, rather, you can sit still alone and have a personal reflection. It’s a Sacred Space.

I used to visit this space everyday to be alone with my God. Following the guide, I have my personal prayer time and I used to do it everyday. Time has changed though. I don’t know what happened though, I got too busy perhaps, but I stopped. Along the way, I don’t pray as often anymore.

In this time of Lent. It dawned to me that I should visit the site again and start doing what I had been doing long before. Have a Sacred Space. I have not yet, visit: http://www.sacredspace.ie

Have a meaningful Holy Week.

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