Assessing my Financial Situation

I took the afternoon off. I was actually feeling my migraine creeping back again, perhaps it’s because of the heat. Thankfully, it did not develop to a full blown migraine attack.

This afternoon, I had sometime to relax and add another entry for my Bubblews (which is now my other source of income). Also I took the time to assess my financial situation. I know it is not good. Having debts that I did not acquire directly (long story).

What I have done I listed down the basic expenses (food, gasoline, electricity, water, groceries) plus my monthly amortization for my motorbike. Then I added the amount I want to earn for future investment plus the amount I want to save for emergency use. Then I estimated the current amount of debt I have to pay and roughly computed it for 4 years.

The result is I need to earn at least four times I’m earning now. with about 40% of that will go to the loan.

Next reflection will me how will I start earning that amount in the next six months


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