Hi, my name is John and welcome to Reflections in Time (http://reflectionsby.me.pn).

For quite sometime I had been pondering to create a blog where I can post my personal reflections on different categories and perhaps the lessons I’ve learned and I learn as I go through life.

I love to read, I read almost anything that would catch my interest, most often by reflecting on what I read I learn some lessons, thus by sharing my reflections I share what I’ve learned and perhaps you would learn a thing or two also.  And perhaps with a little discussions, we could learn something new all together.


Truly God Provides!

A week ago (3rd of October) was my due date for the monthly installment of my motorbike. I was a thousand Pesos short. I have actually set aside the needed amount when I received my salary on the 25th of September. However, forgot that on the 27th of September was the schedule for the immunization of my  then 2 month old baby. I paid for the vaccines.

I have told my wife then that I might ask for a thousand Pesos from her for my bike. However, last week, a friend of mine who owns a computer shop, called and referred one of his clients to me. It was a network troubleshooting job.

I got the job done, thanks to the Android Apps that I have on my phone, the troubleshooting was made easier and I was able to pinpoint the cause of the problem in less than half an hour.

To cut the story short, I got the amount I need to pay for my bike.

Truly, God provides and he gives what you ask for.

“Ask and it shall be given to you”

-Mathew 7:7


Standing On A Crossroad of Life

1st of September, 2014. Again I’m standing on a crossroad of life.  The truth is I had been staring at this crossroad from afar, but now I have reached that point in time that I should stand on this crossroad and choose which way to go.

The crossroad that I am particularly in right now is related to my financial life, which involves my current job.

Standing on a cross road

Which way to go

My financial State

I’m earning just a little bit more than the average employee here in our city. I know I could earn more but I was contented.
Although I am deeply in debt due to the failed business venture with my brothers.

A Growing Reason

The birth of my son gave me a new  good  reason that I need to earn more than twice I’m earning now (read: My Emotional Why).

Right now, my income is barely enough to provide for the needs of my baby. And I have just recently spent the little savings I had when we have admit him into the hospital due to pneumonia. He’s fine right now but, he’s growing fast and of course that means his needs grows as well.

My Options

I have at least four options for now. These are:

  1. Keep my current job, work harder and that I would get another raise soon.
  2. Quit my job and try to get a job at the Provincial Capitol since I have passed the civil service exam.
  3. Try to get a job on a bigger IT company in Manila – with a the help of a friend there.
  4. Start a new IT business and get clients both offline and online.
  5. Work abroad.

These are my major options for now.  The next thing I need to do next is to weigh the pros and cons of each option. While I’m doing that, comments and advices are most welcome.

My Emotional Why

“He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how.” – Friedrich NietzscheView Post

In other words he who has got a reason to live,  he could find ways
and means to win in life. Life will always throw all sorts of problems and obstacles to everyone. But those who finds true reason(s) to live – and not just exist – will always find ways to overcome those obstacles.

My First Born Iesu Mari

He is my reason why I need to greatly increase my life goals specially my financial goals

In one of the teachings of Bo Sanchez, he said one of the secrets of success of the truly rich is to find your emotional why.  Indeed, having the reason or reasons would have you think to set a direction or goals for your life and even get you started in achieving that goal. A reason driven by emotion – the emotional why  – however, is like driving towards achieving your goal on super turbo charged race car!  So having an em

otional why not only will set your life towards having a truly successful life, but you will be equiped with the best vehicle and other toolsthat you need to achieve your goal most effectively. Even better, with the right .emotional why you might even set your sight on a mucher better goal.Eight days ago, July 28, 2014, my second why to live was born. My first born son Iesu Mari ( Iesu – taken from the Jewish version of the name Jesus and Mari – or Mary. There’s a short story to tell… On my future posts)

.He is my reason why I need to “upgrade” my goals in life, specially my financial goals. First thing that I need to do is to list down (again) my new and higher goals.




I mentioned that the baby is my “second” emotional why.  The picture below shows the two

My two emotional whys

Reading: Rich Dad Poor Dad

This is not the first time that I’ve read this book,  but reading the book the second time around, I realized there are more lessons to learn than what I have learned the first time I read it.

From the introduction alone, where the author, Robert Kiyosaki, compares his “two Dads” and how they deal with money,  there are so many lessons to learn already.

Perhaps in my next posts I will enumerate the lessons that I have learned from each chapter (starting with the introduction) highlighting the lesson that struck me the most.

For those who has not read this book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki teaches the readers primarily how to handle personal finance effectively. This book will drastically change the way you think about your finances… And who knows you maybe taking your first step to become rich!

Proverbs 10:4


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A slack hand causes poverty but the hand of the diligent makes rich – Proverbs 10:4 -

Simple yet wise words. A simple formula to be successful in life. The truly rich, earned their wealth not by sitting waiting for a”break in life” or some would call it luck, but by hard work.

If you look into the stories of people who became rich from poverty, the common reason they give how they got rich is because of their diligence and patience. Some does not even have special talents and almost nothing to start with. Rather they start with whatever they have … some only their strength and little skill they have. Kept working, shedding sweat, tears and even blood day after day.


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